Shen khar venakhi (You are the Vineyard) – Georgia’s beloved chant

The chant shen khar venakhi (You are the vineyard) merits a special post.

It seems to be everywhere! On television, at weddings, funerals, high school concerts in the USA, Ivy League a cappella concerts, dinner parties in Tbilisi... It is undoubtedly the most well known chant from Georgia, and the most beloved.

But why this chant? What is its story? Who sings it and why? Is there something in the music itself that is appealing, or perhaps the text?

Read this article to find out!

Post 1 on the very special chant, shen khar venakhi (You are the vineyard).

Post 2 is a full discussion of the East Georgian variants, especially the popular "Paliashvili" arrangement, and including a playlist of 65+ performances.

Post 3 pursues the topic of performing West Georgian variants of shen khar venakhi,
and understanding the oral tradition that they represent.

Continue reading the three full posts by clicking the links below.
A playlist with all 101+ Youtube recordings that I could find:


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