John A. Graham has been leading tours for nearly his whole life. As a child, he was a ringleader for games and construction projects; as a teenager, he organized social events, sporting competitions, and camping trips. In college, he organized performance tours and events, and worked jobs such as head master of a residence hall and house manager of the feature performance venue.



Cultural and Hiking Tours (Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Ethiopia)

Now, John designs and leads cultural and hiking tours for a living. Currently his company operates in Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, and Ethiopia. One of his tours was featured in the New York Times.

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Capitol Hill Chorale

Performance Tours to Georgia

John also assists with performance tours in Georgia. International choirs enjoy interacting with Georgian singers within John’s vast network, performing in top notch performance venues, and touring the mountains of the country.

2019 Capitol Hill Chorale, of Washington DC

2016 Yale University Slavic Women’s Chorus









Sakhioba Ensemble in the USAPerformance Tours to the United States

John has also taken several Georgian choirs on performance tours in the United States.

As an active facilitator of cultural exchange, Graham organizes performance tours in the United States for ensembles. These were multi-week for-profit endeavors with at least 20 concert appearances on each tour. John organized, managed, publicized, drove, and translated for each tour.

2019 St. Giorgi Mtatsmindeli College Choir (residency at the U. of Notre Dame)

2016 Anchiskhati Church Choir

2012 Sakhioba Ensemble

2007 Zedashe Folk Ensemble

2005 Anchiskhati Church Choir