John A. Graham has performed in many professional and semi-professional choirs, and has also directed several choirs. A dynamic teacher, John combines his choral directing experience with a strong love for Georgian music to create interactive and informative workshop learning environments. The joy of singing Georgian music is infectious in John’s well-paced workshops, as a centuries old singing tradition comes to sound.

Below, see some videos to get a sense of John’s workshop teaching style. At the bottom page, see an additional list of masterclass workshops that John has delivered. To see more about his lectures and performances, please follow the links.



Workshop with a graduate student choir at the Institute of Sacred Music at the University of Notre Dame (2019)



Singing to guest choristers in the Sapara Monastery, Georgia (2012)



Teaching “Mravalzhamier” in Finland (2012)



Workshop with Orthodox singers in San Francisco (2011)




  • University of Notre Dame. Workshops for the graduate sacred music ensemble, 2019
  • Yale University. Masterclasses for the Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus, 2016
  • Wesleyan University. Masterclass for the Wesleyan Spirits acapella group, March, 2016
  • Rome, Italy. Masterclass for graduate music students on tuning and harmonization in Georgian liturgical chant, University of Notre Dame sponsored conference ‘Safeguarding Eastern Christian Chant’, in Rome, May 25th, 2015
  • Two-day live-in workshop with master teacher Malkhaz Erkvanidze, 25 participants, New Canaan, NY, 2012
  • Workshop on sacred and folk music hosted by the St. John Maxomovich Cathedral, San Francisco, November 2011
  • Five-day masterclass on Georgian chants of the Divine Liturgy. Featured musical subject of the Fourth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, hosted by the Joensuu Theological Institute, Joensuu, Finland, 2011
  • Two invited and sponsored lecture and concert events with the Mirkani Ensemble at the American Cathedral in Paris, France, March, 2010
  • “Deep Structures in the Georgian Chant Melody,” hosted by the Wesleyan University Slavei Chorus, April 2009
  • Three-day Georgian chant workshop hosted by Cappella Romana, Portland, 2009
  • Workshop event focused on the performance practice aesthetic of Georgian folk music hosted by the Kitka Ensemble, San Francisco, 2009
  • Five-day chant workshop for the monks and novices of the Alaverdi Monastery, Kakheti, Georgia, 2009
  • Translated for multiple masterclasses with the Anchiskhati Church Choir while on tour in the United States, October-November, 2005