John A. Graham has a variety of teaching experience including classroom experience, advising, mentoring, and lecturing. It may be significant that both of Graham’s parents were career pedagogues, as he and his two siblings have all found success in educational careers. Graham is adept at a variety of teaching styles, and easily switches between seminar and lecture formats, or interactive inverted-learning formats where students lead the class. His easy going personality puts students at ease, but his commitment to excellence and personal passion for learning pushes students to meet the pedagogical challenges outlined for each course.


Teaching videos

Most of the available lectures that have been filmed I place on the lectures page. But a sample belong here.


Introduction to Georgian Folkmusic with “Georgian Crossroads” host, Byrne Power (2020).


Classroom Teaching

  • Lecturer, “Early Polyphonies East and West,” Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Spring 2016.
  • “Seminar in Ethnomusicology: Discipline and Contemporary Perspectives,” Anthropology MA Dept., Javakhishvili State University, Tbilisi, Georgia, Fall 2013
  • “Survey of Music from Chant to Stravinsky,” Teaching assistant for Professor Simon Morrison, Princeton University

  • Lead Instructor, “Georgian Chant in Practice, 5-day Practicum,” a workshop in singing Georgian chant given at the Fourth International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, Joensuu Theological Center, Joensuu, Finland

  • Director and Founder, research and teach repertory to the Princeton Georgian Choirs, founded 2006
  • Guest Lecturer, “Comparative Polyphonies from Africa to Taiwan,” Music 224, Music of Africa, Professor Kofi Agawu, 2009
  • Teaching Assistant, Music 103, Survey of Music from Chant to Stravinsky, Professor Simon Morrison, Princeton University, 2007
  • Senior Faculty, teaching two courses in Music Theory, and Religious Ethics, Exploration High School Academic Program, Yale University, 2002-2003
  • Teaching Assistant, Music 445 Wesleyan Singers, Professor Neely Bruce, Wesleyan University (2002-2003)


Academic Advising

  • Ethnomusicology Masters thesis, Wesleyan University (2016-2017) (reading committee)
  • Ethnomusicology Masters thesis, University of Istanbul (2012-2013) (reader)
  • Numerous undergraduate thesis papers relating to Georgian music (2010-2016) (reader)